How to get in touch with Woodtale?

You can contact us on 222 403 936 or 937 128 553.

What is the price to transport the products to my home?

The postage of your order is calculated at check-out, you can also if you prefer, choose the option “store withdrawal” free of charge.
The address of the woodtale store is Rua 1 de Maio nº66, 4585-781 Vandoma | Walls

I received the product and didn't like it/ it wasn't what I expected/regretted. Can I give it back?

Can. In accordance with Article 10 of DL No. 24/2014 of 14 February, if it finds that the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within a maximum of 14 days from its receipt, without having to indicate the reason. In this case, the item should not be used or assembled, must remain in its original packaging and should not be modified. In addition, you must ensure that you retain all accessories and instructions for use added to the product.

What happens if an item in my order arrives damaged?

We will make your replacement as soon as possible and at no cost to you. To resolve this issue, please contact Customer Service.

What should I do if I receive an article other than the one I asked for?

We will exchange it for the correct item as soon as possible, and at no cost to the customer. To resolve this issue, please contact Customer Service.

Will I receive the same product I see in the photograph?

The photos are taken so that you can view each of the products as in as much detail as possible. However, you may find differences in products where the raw material itself and its manufacturing process influence the final result. We also point out that the colors displayed on your screen may not correspond accurately to the final product, as they depend on the settings of the computer itself. Some products due to their handmade characteristics may not match in color, shape and size.

Is it safe to shop at woodtale's online store?

Yes, Woodtale processes payments through a partner specializing in electronic payment. The brand does not have access to your payment details at any time, but rather to a simple payment confirmation. The Woodtale Online Store is SSL certified to secure e-commerce sites.