The customized piece of furniture from Mariana Machado

The customized piece of furniture from
Mariana Machado

Find out more about Mariana machado’s dream piece of furniture,
A Woodtale Woodtale project in partnership with Cácio – Sublime Furniture.

Customized to detail for a dream room!

Mariana's project

In partnership with Cácio – Sublime Furniture, we developed the dream piece of furniture for Mariana Machado’s living room.

This pratical and functional piece of furniture is finished in oak veneer and incorporates:

– workspace
– TV cabinet
– bar and dining area support zone
– storage section
– bookshelf

The end result is the perfect piece of furniture for a practical, versatile and functional living room.

"Elegant , simple , timeless and super complete.
A quality service, quick response team, with information available along the process and on-time delivery."

Mariana Machado

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What do you need to start your project?
We need the floor plan of the room or rooms to be decorated, some photos of the spaces and some inspirational images that can serve as a guide to present you the best possible proposal.

Can I ask you to manufacture just one piece of furniture?
Yes, we manufacture your customised and made-to-measure furniture. We also take care of all the installation so you don’t have to worry about aspects you don’t master.

How long can the process take?
From the first contact to the installation at the chosen location we estimate that the process may take 4 months.

Does this process have costs?
The value of each project may vary depending on its size and type. The decoration project or custom furniture design has a cost, this cost is however discounted if the project is awarded.

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