Woodtale's History

Woodtale's History


Chapter I

The family creates

The Cácio company founded by the grandparents of the founders of Woodtale has been born for more than five decades. To avoid the strong wave of emigration felt in the 60’s and to improve the living conditions of his family, Acácio da Silva Barros and his wife Maria Barros da Silva started their dream, building their factory and developing and spreading the art of artisans who learned with much love and dedication.

The quality of its products has given rise to a great interest for the company in the European market, from 2001 Cácio starts to export 100% of its manufacture to several countries, with a greater focus on francophone markets but a little around the world.

In response to the growth of its position in the market, in volume and value, in 2006 the new facilities are inaugurated, equipped with all the cutting-edge technology available for the furniture industry.

To keep up with the growth of its structure, the company bet on continuing professional training, both in the handling of equipment, choice of raw materials and finishing of furniture, as well as in commercial, financial and marketing management.
Cácio’s administration remains familiar and is now led by Alfredo Barros and his sons: Sara Barros and Alfredo Gonzaga Barros.

Chapter II

Love inspires

The story of Woodtale begins fruit of the imagination of two brothers, Alfredo and Sara, who, among games, love, intimacy and unity, build this story with many pesky to the mix!
His family’s furniture factory was a true amusement park for these children, full of dreams and ambitions.

The races between wood and serrim were a constant, love and proximity to nature were always present in their lives and from an early age inspired them.
It was while they grew up that the brothers knew they lived in an enchanted world of furniture, but now they gave it a name and made it a reality, and so they gave birth to Woodtale.

The aroma and touch of the woods, the beauty they contain, the homes that make them happier and childhood memories, are all pieces of a beautiful love story, which is completed in every piece and project, and that warms their hearts.

The first images of a piece of furniture appear on the colorful corners of the imagination, then pass the idea to the paper through perfect sarrabiscos and creative weirdos. Finally, they see it come to life and imagine how it will fit perfectly, in every family and in every home.

The house, building our home, our home, every little bit, and every detail: this is the most exciting adventure of the lives of these two brothers, and Woodtale will always be part of it. With all the imagination, delivery and affection and with a lot of love for every piece and for every project developed, they want woodtale to help write happy stories like yours, all over the country, but also throughout Europe.

Chapter III

Woodtale is born

Woodtale is a project designed by brothers Sara and Alfredo Barros that is committed to creating dream homes throughout the country. Through the choice of the best partners and the guidance and focus on customer needs and satisfaction, they created this project with their curatorship and with much love involved.
Woodtale’s name and logo seek to convey some of your stories.

The word Wood has always been present in their lives, it is the raw material of their business and their dreams. Tale is their joint story and all the stories they want to create with the creation of this brand. The two hearts symbolize the love that binds them and each of them symbolizes one of the brothers.

They want to be a source of inspiration for those who visit them and take a little of them to their homes. With Woodtale they don’t want to be just another store that sells furniture and décor, they want to convey all the love they feel when choosing each piece or imagining every environment.

Those looking for Woodtale seek inspiration, either for that special piece that complements a space or for the complete decoration of your dream home.
For this, the best partners and the best products were selected, with the certainty that each order they deliver, they deliver value to those who trust them.

Chapter IV

To be written at the time

A new chapter of Woodtale’s history is being written that we will soon publish. We are exploring new paths but we want these to be as striking and beautiful as those who brought us here.
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