Woodtale in the Square!

Our new partnership with RTP’s Praça da Alegria program is already up in the air!

Woodtale was invited to give a new look to the square, which from today will feature pieces that we selected for the set of the program.

Woodtale’s choices fell under the Cácio and Sentta brands that ensure design quality and durability of the parts. Together with the production of the program we selected pieces that harmonized the decorative environment but at the same time did not break the practical and functional part.

Decorative pieces complement the decorative environment and give the square a more cosy and familiar feeling.

Check out all the pieces we’ve selected and get your favorites!

A new interview area with the comfort of Cácio and Sentta!

Details that make you feel in your dream room!

Woodtale in Joy Square!

Learn more about Woodtale’s passage through Praça da Alegria in Jorge Gabriel’s interview with our CEO Sara Barros.
Learn more about what we do and a little more about the Woodtale project.

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