These conditions shall be agreed between Woodtale, Lda and any person of legal age or company that wants to purchase through, telephone, mail or e-mail, hereinafter called “User”.
The expedition of the order will be made to mainland Portugal, Madeira, Açores and every Member State adhering to the euro.
If the User address is out of the delivery zones mentioned above and he wishes an overseas delivery, he can contact our sales department by
The parties agree that their relations will be ruled exclusively by the general conditions described herein. Woodtale, Lda is committed to respect all practices and usages in force in the e-commerce sector.


These conditions are intended to define the general conditions of sale, established between Woodtale, Lda and the User since an order of the different services provided by Woodtale, Lda takes place, including the payment methods and the delivery conditions. These conditions govern all the steps necessary to make a purchase.


As soon as we check your payment details and the Partner have accepted and approved your delivery request, we will send you an e-mail to inform you about it. In the unlikely event of us or a Partner find any issues processing your order, we will reach out to you to ask for more information to solve the problem. The User can make a purchase online, through, by telephone, mail or e-mail.

To make a purchase, the User should be registered to the website and provide personal data, such as name, address and others. To do this, the User should fill in all the required fields of the form. Once the registration is complete, Woodtale will assign a client number to the User. Only people of legal age or companies can create an account at
If you already are a registered User, you should identify yourself by submitting your email address or client number and the password.
The User also can sign up, be assigned a client number and make a purchase by phone; in that case, all the personal data and order details will be processed by an operator.
The confirmation of the order implies that the User is aware and fully accept these General Conditions of Distance Selling, available for consultation at as are the prices and description of the products available for sale.
As soon as the User finishes his purchase, will receive and automatic e-mail confirming the transaction. If the data is not correct, he can immediately ask for its alteration or even the cancelation of the order.
If the order was made by phone or mail, Woodtale, Lda will deliver it to the User following the pre-contractual information legally established, including the present general conditions for distance selling, through the e-mail sent the following day of the purchase, confirming the purchase and sale agreement between the two parties.
If a product in unavailable, Woodtale, Lda commits to informing the User and make a refund within a maximum period of 45 (forty-five) days from the date of the unavailability awareness.
According to the Decree Law number 7/2004 of January 7th (with the alterations given by the Decree Law number 62/2009 of March 10th and by the Law number 46/2012 of August 29th), regarding online sales, Woodtale, Lda may unilaterally cancel the order whenever there is a programming error, a computer malfunctioning or a binding offer has wrong information that are related to key elements of the contract.

If you need to cancel an order, you must contact us as soon as possible by phone or e-mail, so we can try to withdraw the operation. After the production has started, it will not be possible to cancel.

Upon delivery, the client or the person who receives the order must confirm the condition of the package, as well as if the it is complete. If not, any non-conformity must be communicated to the carrier. The client must explain precisely what are the signs of loss or damaging, sign and date the receipt/delivery note. Woodtale, Lda will does not have any kind of liability for the carrier if the delivery note is not duly completed.


Upon delivery, the client must confirm the exterior condition of the package and sign the delivery note, informing the carrier about all the non-conformities or damages (for example, damaged packaging, missing items, etc). If the non-conformities are not reported upon delivery, Woodtale, Lda shall not be held liable for any loss or damages in that respect.

Delivery can be done:

To your home
The delivery is made to your home, at the exact same address registered on your client area. If you’re not on that address, we will leave a note or send a text with all the information regarding a reschedule or a pick-up point.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to keep your personal information updated in your client area on our website (phone number, full address, and so on). Your order should be automatically delivered to the address registered in your client area if the package is over 10kg or if the delivery point is not avaialable – because of a temporarily close, etc.

To a different address
Woodtale, Lda will deliver your order wherever you want. Just tell us the address using the order form or by phone.


– Credit card (Visa, Mastercard/American Express);
All the information regarding the order and your credit card will be sent, fully encrypted, to the bank on the same day you make a purchase.

– Payment by Multibanco/ATM
If you choose this kind of payment, you will get a text and an e-mail with all the information needed to purchase on a ATM or homebanking service provided by your bank. After receiving this data, you have until up to 3 days to make a purchase. If you don’t, the order will be cancelled. This operation is usually just permitted for cards issued in Portugal. If the purchase was successful and Woodtale, Lda have to do a refund – after an annulment by the client, unavailability of the items, etc – the total amount payed will be returned by wire transfer (the User must have a valid IBAN registered on the client area).

With MBWAY service, you can pay your order quickly by phone. You just need to create an account. All the orders payed by this method will be processed only after the confirmation of the purchase. For further information, please visit
If the payment was not processed within the deadline, or if by technical reasons the total amount payed was returned to your account, the order will be cancelled.
If the purchase was successful and Woodtale, Lda have to do a refund – after an annulment by the client, unavailability of the items, etc – the total amount payed will be returned by wire transfer (the User must have a valid IBAN registered on the client area).

–  PayPal
This is one of the most used method for online shopping all over the world. First, you have to create an account. For further information, please visit
If you choose this method, the total amount of your order will be withdrawn from your bank account on the last step of the purchase. This kind of payment is not available for orders made by phone or mail.


All prices must be shown in euros, with all taxes included. Current rate VAT is included. Any change to the VAT rate will be reflected in the product prices.
The prices shown at does not include shipping charges; the User will be informed the amount before the order validation.
The prices and specifications are subject to change without previous notice. However, once the order is validated, the prices must not suffer any change.


 Right of Free Resolution/Right of Repentance

The User could cancel the agreement pursuant to applicable law. To exercise this right, the User must communicate his decision by mail or e-mail to .
To meet the deadline associated with the free dissolution of the contract, this information must be addressed to Woodtale, Lda within 14 days from the day of the delivery.

Important: all the return costs must be payed by the User.

If the User cancelled the present contract, he must return the items without undue delay within 14 days from the day he communicated his decision to Woodtale, Lda.
The items must be undamaged, inside the original packaging and with the original receipt; all the return costs will be the client’s responsibility. The larger items, which weight and volume are not accepted by the pick-up points, should be returned by a carrier chosen by the User.

Exchanges and Returns Conditions:

Returns are only acceptable for standard items.

Woodtale, Lda can make a refund only after receiving the items or after being presented a document regarding the shipping back.
The return of the faultless items, in good conditions, undamaged, inside the original package and with the original receipt will be the client’s responsibility to address it to Rua 1º de Maio, número 66, 4585-781 Vandoma – Portugal.
Woodtale, Lda can only be liable for the returning costs if there was an internal mistake and the items received does not match the order or if the products have a defect.
On the return and exchange of any items, the User must respect the following terms:
Returning the items undamaged, with the original package complete, without any signs of usage and with the original receipt and the returning form. All items must be checked upon arrival at our facilities and will only be accepted the ones that comply with the requirements.
If you received a gift with the items purchased, it must be returned as well. If you purchased an item with discount, Woodtale, Lda will refund the amount payed and not the original price of the product.

Another return conditions: is the product sent does not match the order, if it is defective, if it was damaged during transportation (the damages must be communicated upon delivery on the correspondent form), internal error by Woodtale, Lda.
In the case of a larger item, the client must send photographic evidence to informing about the errors, anomalies or general state of the product. Any visible damage upon unpacking, caused by mispackage, must be photographed prior the assembly with the original box.

If the Client is entitled to a refund, Woodtale, Lda will:

Make a wire transfer, using the Client’s IBAN (regardless the payment method used on the purchase) after a return of at least one item and/or if there is a settlement of the final amount payed.



By the law in force (Decree Law number 67/2003, April 8th, with all the alterations introduced by the Decree Law number 84/2998, May 21st), all the products sold on are covered by a quality assurance for a two years period from the delivery date for private clients. For professional clients, by the 916th article of the Civil Law, all defect or lack of quality claims must be issued until 30 days after the problem discovery or within six months after delivery.

If the purchased item has a defect or malfunction, the User must reach our Help Desk by:
e-mail (
mail (Woodtale Lda, Rua 1º de Maio nº66, 4585-781 Vandoma, Portugal), informing about the problem and order number.

In these cases, Woodtale, Lda will assume all the return shipping costs. After delivery at our facilities we will check the items and replace it, if there is no possible repair. We will be in charge of the new delivery at the Client’s address.
If the item is no longer available in stock and is beyond repair, Woodtale, Lda will refund the Client.
The Warranty does not cover any signs of wear, misuse and/or any problem caused by the defect or malfunction of the item (for example, a fall, humidity, etc).


The User Number is strictly personal. Losing of forgetting this number must be communicated to our Help Desk by phone (+351 222 403 936) or e-mail (
Credit card information and the final validation of the order will be proof, acording to the law in force, and will guarantee the amount requirement.
The validation of the order implies that the User knows and fully accepts these General Conditions for Online Sales, available at
All data registered by the company are proof of the transactions made between Woodtale, Lda and the User. Woodtale, Lda is solely responsible for filing the contract present on an electronical document and keep it available.


All the products available at are in compliance with the Portuguese force in law.
Woodtale, Lda is not responsible for any damages caused by interferences, interruptions, computer virus, malfunctions or computer system disconnections that may prevent access, navigation or delivery of the services to the User.
Woodtale, Lda declines any responsibility for a delay or inability to process the order, including on the delivery as a result of an error or lack of data communicated by the User. Similarly, Woodtale, Lda cannot be held accountable for a third party action or an unforeseeable event that can cause a breach of the obligations.

All the items for sale are described and presented on the website with maximum accuracy. If there is any mistake on our website or catalogue, despite all of our precautions, Woodtale, Lda cannot be held liable for it. Except for possible cases of warranty, any operation carried out between Woodtale, Lda and its users, where it is not disputed within 6 months of its implementation, shall not give rise to any claim.

It is the User’s full responsibility to keep all the information updated through the Client Area on our website or our Costumer Service.


The processing of the personal data, collected by, is Woodtale’s full responsibility.
All data gathered are necessary for: the conclusion and execution of the purchase and sale agreement; the order processing and communication with the Client; the processing of information requests or complaints; statistical analysis and satisfaction evaluation. Providing the information requested whilst the registration on the website is mandatory and the User must ensure that all data are correct and real.
Woodtale, Lda guarantees the confidentiality of all data disclosed by the User and ensures its maintenance within five years after the last contact with the User. Even though Woodtale, Lda safely collects and processes data, preventing its loss or manipulation using the most advanced techniques, we inform that the gathering on an open network may enable its circulation without safety conditions and allowing an unauthorized third party to see or use it.
If the User explicitly consents, whilst the registration on the website, Woodtale, Lda can send information about products or services, using personal data for direct marketing by any channel – e-mail, SMS, MMS or any other automatic calls, including the distribution of the Woodtale, Lda Newsletter.
If the User explicitly consents, whilst the registration on the website, Woodtale, Lda can use its personal data for define the profile and customize the information sent.

Woodtale, Lda have a Chat Service, managed by the Costumer Service, in which the users can ask questions. If the users provide personal data to Woodtale, Lda, it cannot be used for any other purpose than what has been requested by them.
The Client, when properly identified, has the right to access all the personal data; to change it or delete it; to restrict its using or to oppose to its processing; and the right to data portability.
The User has the right to withdrawn the consent at any time, regarding the use of personal data for marketing purposes. He can exercise this right by:


Mail: Rua 1º de Maio nº66, 4585-781 Vandoma

Phone: +351 937 128 553 or +351 222 403 936

If the Client wants to file a complaint, he can do it with the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados.

Use of cookies by Woodtale, Lda
You can find all the information about our Privacy Policy and Cookies here. You can access and change your personal data at any moment on “My Account”, at Woodtale, Lda website.


All the elements present on the Woodtale, Lda’s website, whether visual or audio, including software, are protected by copyright, branding or patent. They all belong, exclusively, to Woodtale, Lda. Using these elements is allowed for personal purposes only, by the terms of the Copyright Code and Related Rights, without prejudice to more restrictive provisions on the Code. It is strictly prohibited any reproduction, total or partial, of the website or its elements. This usage must only be made under a previous written permission; otherwise we will pursue legal actions against who does it.
If a User wishes to add a link to on a personal site, he must first request it to Woodtale, Lda. It should not be perceived as an affiliation or partnership.
On the other hand, any links to using the framing technique or in-line linking is officially forbidden.
In all cases, any links must be withdrawn if Woodtale, Lda requests it, even with a prior permission.


The Portuguese law is applicable to the sales conditions.
For the resolution of any dispute, the parties may have recourse to an arbitration board.
European Union has its own website to help consumers address their complaints. So, Woodtale, Lda gives its costumers all the information needed to exercise the right of complaint to the regulatory authorities. If you are not satisfied with a product or service sold or provided by us, you can visit and file your complaint.
If there are not an agreement between parties, any dispute must be submitted to the Portuguese court of law.